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We present to you PANAMUN XXIII:

Combating Modern Extremism

Poster by Isabella Derlon, our very own Deputy Secretary General!

Dear Delegates,


We live in a world where conflict related issues have overtaken almost every news broadcasting and social media network. We are constantly presented with issues involving religious extremist groups, governments with opposing political ideologies, crimes driven by racial prejudice, inequality due to gender discrimination, among many more. Extremism is a large problem that is proving to be not only major threat to international security, but is also undermining the delicately woven structures that stabilize our modern societies. Combatting Modern Extremism broadly encompasses issues regarding intolerance and strives at discussing the manners in which improvements can be made to tackle the problems and decrease the scope of their effect.

On behalf of this year’s PANAMUN officers I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all the delegates participating in the 23rd session of Panama’s Model United Nations. For the past 22 years PANAMUN has provided students with a platform to discuss pressing issues in the world. PANAMUN gives students the chance, increasing their awareness of current events and the necessity to address them as they arise while they nurture and demonstrate their public speaking abilities.


The technology we have at our finger tips ensures that we are not limited when it comes to means of communication. As the previous conference’s theme (Technology in the 21st century) exhibited, we have the advantage of living in an era where technological advances are made on a regular basis. This means that information about these issues is online and available to us to Google search at any time. However, the past successful twenty-two years of this conference have proved that there is an immense power to having students come together debating the need for change. Being surrounded by others with similar concerns motivates us to go beyond what we have access to in classrooms and online. It allows us to immerse ourselves in the fast paced decision making world that diplomats experience on a daily basis. Therefore, take hold of this opportunity in order to make these three days as successful as they have to potential to be.


Here’s to an unforgettable PANAMUN!


Vivian Kinuthia
PANAMUN XXIII: Combating Modern Extremism


Letter from the Secretary General


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