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Andrés Larios

Deputy Secretary General of Middle School


My name is Andrés Larios and I am a Senior at the International School of Panama.  I have lived in four countries throughout my life, and have been able to experience Latin America at its finest.  My father is from El Salvador, and my mother is from Massachussetts and I was born in Washington DC.  From a very young age, public speaking and debate have been passions of mine that I knew would bring me far, and allow me to express myself in the desired manner.  


After living abroad my entire life, I believed I would graduate school in Lima, Peru.  After spending the beginning of high school at FDR, I did everything possible to get ahead academically and through extracurricular activities, however upon finishing 10th grade, I was thrust into the uncomfortable position of moving to a new country, and start over once more.  As an avid debater and a cabinet member of the MUN and debate club, I knew that PanaMUN would be my route into becoming comfortable with myself again, gaining confidence in a new environment, and establishing new friendships.  This is why I put a special emphasis on all things debate during 11th grade, and was able to clinch a spot as the DSG of MS, alongside my good friend, Melany. 


I’ve lived in Panama for the past year and a half, and all I can say is that the community and surroundings I have found myself with have exceeded all of my expectations.  Whether it be through PanaMUN, or the social environment in general, it has been my pleasure to be able to experience my time here, and learn with such bright people from all corners of the world.  I know this PanaMUN will be different, but I sincerely believe that your contributions will make it the most memorable one yet!

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