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Strengthening our Humanity

Our theme for PANAMUN XXVI is Strengthening Our Humanity. As societal advancements lead us to a more diverse and globalized world, we have found that the most crucial part of the process is to take progressive and collaborative steps forward. Unfortunately, the world is now more divided than ever. From the misuse of media, polarization of culture, to tragedies occurring on a daily basis, it seems as if society’s humanity is slowly dissipating. Thus, we decided to go back to our society’s roots and look past all the politics and clashing ideals that cloud our judgement; we must make a collaborative effort to restore that sense of humanity. We believe that some of the aspects that need to be developed include: compassion, cooperation, empathy, and acceptance.


Humanity is a very broad topic that can be observed from numerous perspectives. Therefore, we believe that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be the standard for society to maintain our humanity. The Panama Model United Nations wishes for delegates to try to become upstanders rather than bystanders, so that a culture of humanity can be established. It is our duty as citizens of this world to act as the upstanders and establish the conversation needed in order to progress and strengthen our humanity.

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