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Clara Corfitsen

Deputy Secretary General of Admins

DSC_0093 (1).jpeg

Hello, my name is Clara Corfitsen and I am a senior at the International School of Panama. I will be the Deputy Secretary General of Admins of PANAMUN XXVII and I am very excited to be a part of the secretariat to make this year’s PANAMUN successful. I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark but have moved around a lot all my life. I have lived in South Africa, Singapore, and now Panama for the past 6 years. My goal for this year’s conference is to make it an impactful experience for everyone and to make all feel welcomed.  


Previously I have been a delegate in an MUN conference in Singapore as well as in PANAMUN. I represented Spain in the CSTD committee for my freshmen year and New Zealand in the Human Rights Council in tenth grade. It was only last year I challenged myself and applied to become an admin. PANAMUN is a big aspect of ISP’s community and there is a job for everyone. For me it was about trying something new and getting an insight to the behind the scenes of PANAMUN, and being an admin was the perfect job for me. I got to work closely with Leticia Usberti, last years DSG of Admins, and she motivated me to work harder and inspired me for this position.


I feel super honored and proud to be this year’s DSG of Admins and I cannot wait to work will all of you to make it the best PANAMUN.  

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