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Building Bridges: Confronting Global Polarization

The theme for PANAMUN XXVII is ‘Building Bridges: Confronting Global Polarization’. As we progress in a globalized world, we can often observe the division of communities due to differing views. In the presence of such division, globalization and transnational cooperation can only go so far. Acting as a barrier for interactions and alliances, polarization divides our world based on extreme opinions. As a global community, it is our duty to connect with one another in spite of existing differences and strive for unification of ideas rather than a separation because of them.


The question of polarization can be taken into account and considered relevant in numerous subject areas, ranging from political to socioeconomic issues. Today more than ever, we can see a clash of ideologies due to the increase of globalization and interactions within different cultures instead of cooperation, further division is created. Seeing as distinguished opinions are not uncommon in the modern world, the presence of polarization can often go unnoticed if not escalated to extremity. By emphasizing the importance of this issue, PANAMUN aspires to create an environment where diverse opinions are well-received and integrated as an attempt to combat the lack of unity posed by polarization.

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