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Andrea Kleiman

Hello delegates, welcome to PANAMUN XXIII! My name is Andrea Kleiman and I will be this year´s Humans of PANAMUN co-director. I was born in Mexico City and I have been part of the International School of Panama community for four years now. I have been involved in three different MUN experiences; the Global Classrooms UN Conference in New York, and two amazing years in PANAMUN itself. This time, I want to see the conference from a different perspective. I have had my eye on the Communications Team for a while now, and because of my passion for photography, I decided to be part of it. I love capturing special moments in different situations and I am sure that this year´s PANAMUN will be a great place to do so. I cannot wait to meet you guys and I hope your time here is unforgettable!

Echo Press Staff Members

Lara de Mello Oliveira

Hello, my name is Lara Oliveira and I am a reporter for the PANAMUN XXIII conference. I was born in Bahia, Brazil however I never lived there. Months after I was born I moved to Ecuador and later to Panama. I have been living in Panama and studying in ISP for about 7 years. Currently, I am a proud ISP sophomore and part of the school soccer team. I am very excited to be part of the communication team for PANAMUN and I hope everyone enjoys the articles and pictures of this year’s annual conference. 

Sofia Rangel

My name is Sofia Rangel. Currently, I am a starting sophomore in High School. Apart from being involved in school activities, I like to use my free time to read, hang out with my friends and family. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old, and consider it as my #1 focus after my studies.I am 16 years old and have been a student at ISP for 7 years now. I have lived in 4 different countries throughout my whole life, but was born in Caracas, Venezuela. This is my first year as a member of the Communications team, in which I, apart from other students at ISP, work as a reporter. I really look forward to write about different topics and doing articles for the PANAMUN XXIII website, as well as forming a part of the PANAMUN XXII Echopress Team.

Juliana Tupper

Greetings, my name is Juliana Tupper and I’m a reported for this year’s Panamun conference. I’m 15 years old and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. However, I’ve lived in Colombia and have been living in Panama for the last 7 years of my life. Being a proud Dolphin I also participate in the Varsity and Junior Varsity soccer team.  One of the reasons I decided to become a member of the ECHOPRESS/Communication’s team was because writing is one of my greatest passions. I enjoy writing on my free time and I have engaged in Journalism and Creative writing electives. I’m eager to start this year’s conference and hope you are too!

Daniella Uzcategui

My name is Daniella Uzcategui, I’m part of this year’s Communications Team working in Humans of PANAMUN and photography.  My main work in PANAMUN XXIII is to interview delegates, admins, chairs and co chairs in order to share with others their experience in PANAMUN.  During the conference I will be able to take pictures of each committee and let everyone see how PANAMUN works. I’m 15 years old and currently in 10th grade.  I’ve lived eight years in Panama but had the opportunity to live in Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico.  Other than being part of this group I participate in other after school activities such as GIN and outside of school I go to dance classes and piano.  I am very excited to be part of the communications Team and be able to share the PANAMUN experience. 

Alex Hensel

Hi, I am Alex. I have been at ISP for 1 year, and am currently a senior. This is my first time on the Echopress team, and I am looking forward to covering Panamun. I was born in Guatemala, but have travelled a lot and have also lived in Mexico, Switzerland and Singapore, even though I am Welsh and German, so I speak fluent English and German. My hobbies include playing Rugby and Basketball. 

Heena Hemrajani

My name is Heena Hemrajani. I am a 12th grader at ISP and a reporter at PANAMUN. I have lived in Panama my entire life but in different provinces. I moved to Panama City and began to attend ISP in 2009 in 6th Grade. I previously lived in the province of Colón, about one hour away from Panama City. In ISP, one of the subjects I excel the most at is English, which is one of the reasons I thought of being a reporter at PANAMUN. Other things I enjoy doing include spending time with family and doing community service in Panama, mainly for children and organizations that help people have a better life despite their conditions. Apart from that, I aspire to be in the Business and Administration career in the future and I will therefore study that subject in college. At the moment, as a 12th grader, I am trying out new activities in and out of school to discover and have new experiences in high school before I leave to college. 

Paola Martinon

My name is Paola Martinon. I am currently sixteen years old and am enrolled in the International School of Panama as a junior. I was born in Panama, though I am half French due to my father’s French nationality. I studied most of my life in a French school, this being only the beginning of my fourth year at ISP. Some of my hobbies include reading, and I am fond of writing, for which I decided that I would try and be part of the Echo Press team this year during PANAMUN. I am proud to announce that I will be the social media manager for the Instagram account of the conference, and a reporter as well. I am looking forward to meeting new faces and inevitably making them feel welcome to our school, as it should be for everyone around the world, ISP being a place where we can all come together. I will be updating the Instagram page constantly before and during the conference for students at ISP to keep up with the hard work being done to deliver a successful event. I am motivated to work with this year’s Echo Press team and am so thrilled to prepare and attend this year’s PANAMUN XXIII!

Maria Paula Marquez

Hello, my name is Maria Paula Marquez, I am 15 years old, and this year I will be a reporter for PANAMUN. I was born in Mexico City, however I have also lived in Texas and Rhode Island in the United States. I have been living in Panama for 5 years now. I engage myself in afterchool activities such as dancing, tennis, piano, and French. I also love reading and writing very much which is why I decided to join the ECHOPRESS team. I'm really looking forward to sharing with you all this year's PANAMUN experience, and hope you all enjoy our work.

Tito Vallarino

My name is Tito Vallarino, I’m currently a junior in the International School of Panama and a new member of the PANAMUN 

Communications team, assigned to be a reporter and the manager of the Communications Team Snapchat account. This will be the second PANAMUN in which I participate in and the first which one in which I am not a delegate. I never considered myself proficient in MUN conferences due to the fact that I never really understood them or 

how they work, Making my first PANAMUN year a total failure. I’m glad to be in the communications council not only because it allows me to actually be useful and productive during the conference, but also because I will have a different point of view of PANAMUN and 

will hopefully understand it better because of that.

Maria Alejandra Góndola

I’m Maria Alejandra Gondola, and I’m a writer and a dancer. I currently study at the International School of Panama and I’m in my senior year. My interests are very diverse; I’m interested in pop culture, the media, fiction books, psychology and photography.  As a writer, I’ve written many poems throughout the years and currently manage two Tumblr blogs: a photography blog and a poem blog. As a dancer, I aspire to become a choreographer one day especially after 15 years of dancing in the fields of ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap. Apart from this, I’m very excited to be part of the Communications Team as a reporter and Twitter 

manager this PANAMUN!

Victoria Vivas

 Hello, my name is Victoria Vivas and I am 14 years old. This year I am one of the reporters for the Panamun conference. I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. But my family is from Managua, Nicaragua. I have lived in five different countries including El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and now Panama. I have lived in Panama and have been part of the ISP community for the last six years. Currently, I am a freshman in ISP and in my free time I am part of the flag football team as well as in dancing classes. I hope you enjoy this year annual PANAMUN conference, and like our pictures and articles. I am very exited to be part of the Communicators team and for understanding more of the PANAMUN experience.

Isabella Pirro

Hi, My name is Isabella Pirro and I’m a sixteen year old Junior. I was born in Panama and have lived all my life here. I have been part of the ISP community for about five years and this is my first time enrolling in the Communications Team in Panamun. This team took me by surprise and i am looking forward to see how everything turns out and what this experience is going to be like.

Valeria Cajiga

Hello, my name is Valeria Cajiga, and this year, I am a reporter in the ECHOPRESS committee. I am from Mexico City, and I lived in Belgium for five years before coming to Panama. Being here since second grade has made me consider this beautiful place my second home. I really enjoy playing guitar, singing, and spending time with my family and friends. School is also one of my main priorities, and I enjoy writing as well as reading. This would be my second year participating in PANAMUN, and last year I was in the CCPCJ committee. I am very excited to be part of this committee since it is something new and different for me. I can’t wait to share the articles that will be created to inform all of you about current events, PANAMUN itself, and much more. This year’s annual conference will be great, and I hope all of you have a wonderful experience and make the best out of it!

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