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The United Nations Peacebuilding Committee (UNPBC) was created by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council in December 2005. The committee’s goal is to promote and establish peace in post-conflict nations, as well as to achieve peace in nations currently experiencing conflict. The committee works towards creating strategies for peacebuilding and post-conflict recovery. In this, the UNPBC focuses on reconstruction, sustainable development, and financial security. It also serves as a bridge between other relevant UN bodies trying to solve the conflict in order to increase the overall coordination and efficiency of the strategies. It advocates for conflicted nations, with their consent, in order to bring the international community’s attention to the issue. The UNPBC provides a comprehensive approach to peacebuilding that focuses on security, development, and maintaining human rights in the region.  

Measures to adress the Phillipine Drug War

Measures to stabilize the tensions in the korean peninusla

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