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Natalia Royo - Head admin

Hello! My name is Natalia Royo. I was born in Miami and lived there for 7 years, but my whole family is from Colombia. I now live in Panama and have lived here for 3 years. I will be on of the head admins for this year’s conference. I am currently a senior at International School of Panama. I started my MUN experience in 9th grade, where I was a delegate in the UNHCR committee, and then I’ve been an admin for the past two years, in both the ECOSOC and ESCAP committees. I’ve had amazing experiences in these past three years during PANAMUN, and I am sure this year will be even better. I am looking forward to working with all of the admins this year, and committed to making the best PANAMUN conference yet, with the amazing group of officers, admins and delegates we have. Feel free to look for me if you have any questions, and good luck to all of you!!

Paulina Cucalon - Head Admin

My name is Paulina Cucalón and I will be one of the Head Admins in PANAMUN XXIV. I was born in Panama but lived in Taiwan for two years. I am currently a senior in the International School of Panama. My MUN experience started in 9th grade with PANAMUN XXI, where I was a delegate for the Human Rights committee. The following year, I was part of the Human Rights committee once again in PANAMUN XXII. However, last year, in PANAMUN XXIII, I was a member of the admin staff. In this last conference I was the admin for the Organización Mundial de la Salud, and I became fully aware of the responsibility and commitment that comes with being an admin.

I am very excited to be part of the officers for this year’s conference, and I am certain that together we will work hard to make it the best PANAMUN yet. I wish the best of luck to all delegates and hope that our admins will be of much help throughout the conference!

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