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Giancarlo D'Amato

- Head of Technology -

My name is Giancarlo D'Amato. I was born on January 8, 1999 in Panama City, Panama. I am a senior at ISP, which has been my school for 13 out of my 14 years of student life. Technology for me is a way of life. I was raised by a tech aficionado father who always introduced me to new technologies since the second I was able to put my hand on the mouse of a computer. I adopted my father's interest and today I stand as the Head of Technology of PANAMUN XXIV - Fostering Global Resilience. My responsibility in this year's session, has been to after 10 years, design and manage the organization's website, to help make this PANAMUN be the best one yet. 

Roberto Esquenazi

- Head of Design -

Austin Lopez

- Head of Media -

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My full name is Austin Patricio Lopez McDonald. I am a current junior and have been at ISP for 2 years. I consider myself an artist in several variations of the word; I am often playing the piano or creating digital art in my free time, though I have a keen passion, interest, and skill in creating and editing videos. Having made exceptional-looking videos for Global Issues Network and Stuck in a Flux in the past, I have been chosen to be elected as Head of Media for PANAMUN XXIV, despite my limited experience with PANAMUN, and for that I am incredibly thankful. Here at PANAMUN I am not only in charge in making videos but also designing logos and generally helping around in the technological department. I aspire to create professional-looking video content in order to ensure that the quality of this year's PANAMUN will top the ones before it.

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