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PANAMUN is the oldest and largest student-led Model United Nations conference in Central America. This THIMUN-affiliated conference is a product of committed global youth wishing to engage in civil society and a timeless cradle for the nurturing of global democracy.


PANAMUN happens in late October in commemoration of the United Nations Day celebrated on October 24. During the three days of the conference, students from all over the world come together at the International School of Panama and take the roles of countries represented in the United Nations to debate current world issues.

Statement of Purpose

Through attending and conducting conferences such as these, we strive to commit to the following:

  • Garner an appreciation of various ideas shared through different educational backgrounds both nationally and internationally.

  • Help students understand their role as global citizens, providing them with the necessary skills to create sound solutions to world problems.

  • Promote the use of diplomatic language and procedures to ensure the acceptance of the backgrounds and perceptions of all societies

  • Foster the use of active collaboration and cooperation to guarantee the respect of each individual voice. 

  • Continue to strengthen the mandate and purpose of the United Nations and other international organizations so that these bodies may continue to assist the growth and development of all citizens of the world.

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