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A New Beginning 

The theme for PANAMUN XXX Is A New Beginning. Amid the devastating effects the world experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it goes without saying that normalcy will never be the same. Millions of lives have been lost from a global standpoint, mental health for individuals has been at an all-time low, and as a collective whole, we’ve been forced to face unforeseeable obstacles. 

Yet, as the world begins to reopen, and develop a new sense of “normalcy” within the status quo, one can’t help but address how we’re entering a new era as a society: that being a “new beginning”. 

Though the past few years have opened our eyes to the trials unexpected circumstances can pose to the world, as that period draws to a close, new beginnings, opportunities, and experiences are welcomed. In building off the former PANAMUN theme of “Recovering Hope”, this year's theme introduces what can transpire when individuals are essentially reborn. We’re moving on (safely, of course), and being greeted by better circumstances. One where we’ve developed a new attitude towards the world, and are intentional about not only trying new things but also taking the necessary steps for fundamental change and personal growth.


Ultimately, what this theme aims to represent is the fact that the best is yet to come. Though these troubling times have yet to be ceased, “A New Beginning” inspires us to proceed to have hope and to take such strides in this new world and society together.

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