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Welcome to Panama

Welcome to Panama City


Welcome to PANAMUN XXX, and to Panama City.


Panama is a large isthmus with many places of great cultural and touristic value that can be explored. The unique Panamanian geographical position on a narrow strip between the Pacific and Caribbean oceans has sealed Panama's history. With the Panama Canal and its very particular location, Panama has become the epicenter of cultural diversity. There are many things that can be explored in its beautiful capital city. If you and your students have time to travel around Panama, these are the places that we recommend you to go to:


  • Panama Canal: The first location, known as the Esclusas de Miraflores, is the most important point of transit in the country since it allows the passage of large-scale ships and has aided the development of Panama's economy. The canal offers a museum with the historical background of its construction and it allows the observation of the

    • Ampliación del Canal: In June of last year, the new locks of Cocolí and Agua Clara were inaugurated in Colón. Just 45 minutes from the city, this extension is one of the jewels of Panama.

  • Casco Viejo: Unique location in Panama City full of cultural and national value. With antique architecture, the presidential palace, and astonishing views of the city, Casco Viejo is one of the beauties of the city.

  • Gamboa Resort: due to its location within the canal zone, Gamboa is surrounded by exuberant biodiversity. Within Gamboa, it is possible to observe abundance in flora and fauna giving you the possibility to relax in this natural ambient.

  • Causeway: a perfect place where you can observe the two oceans, the Pacific and Caribbean ocean, meet. Within Causeway, you have the possibility to take relaxing walks, take a look at the famous Cerro Ancon, and even have lunch right in front of the sea.

  • Biomuseo: designed by the renowned Frank Gehry, the Biomuseo is his first architectural work in Latin America, built to represent Panama’s valuable history and stories. It includes a permanent gallery with a mixture of art and science which amazes everyone who sees it. Located in Amador (Causeway), the museum has beautiful views and a botanical garden adding value to their visit to Panama.

  • Panama Viejo: full of colonial ruins that are a symbol of Panama’s vast history and culture, Panama Viejo is the perfect place if you wish to explore the beginnings of Panama. The oldest city on the Pacific coast of the American continent, Panama Viejo was sacked by pirate Henry Morgan, deteriorating its infrastructure to its current situation.




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