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PANAMUN is a formal conference that expects the behavior and presentation of all delegates to be one that expresses a sense of dignity, respect and open-mindedness.


Role of Delegates

All delegates are expected to produce work of quality that reflects their integrity, as well as their professionalism as diplomats.



All delegates are expected to wear, or be able to present, their lanyard at all times when approached by an official. Lanyards are a form of identification and security, so delegates must not lose them.



All participants are expected to present themselves at precisely the time specified by the schedule or by the chairs. Punctuality is a vital aspect of successful diplomacy and is a quality expected of chairs and delegates alike.


Note Passing

In the interest of debate, note passing allows for communication of essential details or questions between delegates. Notes passed may not be of a personal nature and all notes not directly pertaining to the topic being debated will be read and intercepted by the administrative staff. Note passing may be suspended at the discretion of the chair in case of continuous and grave violations.



Whether participants are staying in a host family or in a hotel they are responsible for conducting themselves amiably. The wishes of those providing accommodation must be respected. The hospitality of host families is a privilege and should be guarded as such.


Consumption of Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco 

PANAMUN is a strictly drug-free conference with zero-tolerance for transgressions of the rules. Delegates may not smoke on school premises and are asked to respect this policy. Violations will result in firm action and referral to the appropriate authority.

Code of Conduct

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