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Where will the conference take place?

You will be debating on campus of the International School of Panama. The entire conference takes place there. Food will be served on campus and transportation from the recommended hotel to the school will be provided. The school itself is approximately 25-40 minutes from the center of the city.

How big will the conference be this year?

We are proud to be hosting approximately 400 students this year at ISP from a total of approximately 14 different schools.

Are technological devices (tablets or laptops) allowed in PANAMUN?

They are allowed solely during lobbying on the first day of the conference.  Devices such as the ones mentioned above are not only allowed, but are also recommended. All resolutions must be typed to go through the approval panel, therefore a device that can be used to make documents is necessary. (Security Council will require devices all three days)

Are phones allowed in committees?

No phones are allowed at any time in the committees throughout the entire duration of PANAMUN. Chairs and officers reserve the right to confiscate and/or apply a sanction (see the detention section), if a phone is used multiple times by the same delegate and/or if a phone interrupts debate.

What is lobbying and how does it work?

Lobbying takes place during the first day and is the time allocated during the conference for delegates to speak with each other, merge resolutions, and discuss possible new ideas. The time set for lobbying varies from committee to committee, ranging from about 3-4 hours. The approval panel will open after the first hour for delegates that come with a pre-written resolution. Delegates may submit resolutions anytime from the opening of the approval panel to its close.

What is the approval panel?

Resolutions written in PANAMUN must first go through a revision of content by the chairs and then must go through a revision of format in the approval panel. It is comprised of ISP teachers that make sure all resolutions follow the determined format. This year, it will open on the first day from approximately 10:30 and will continue until lobbying is closed in the last committee (times will vary).

Do delegates have to come with a pre-written resolution?

Delegates do not have to come with any pre-written resolution. The only requirement in PANAMUN is an opening speech (and position papers if wanting to go above and beyond and be eligible for an award). Delegates, however, are encouraged to have pre-written resolutions and to use the first hour of lobbying to amend them and then submit them to the approval panel as soon as it opens.


Are position papers required in PANAMUN?

No, but if a delegate wishes to aim for an award, he/she must submit a printed copy of two position papers (one per issue) of, preferably, no more than one page each to the chairs on the first day before the start of lobbying.


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