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As PANAMUN is an event held in the International School of Panama (ISP), all regulations established by ISP are still applicable, including the absence policy and its resulting consequences.


To ensure that PANAMUN is a safe learning environment, there are certain criteria that must be respected by students and staff alike.

PANAMUN will be handling four types of offense that go as follows:


Type A-Warning

The warning is verbally given to the student at the discretion of the Student Officer or teacher due to the following, but not limited to, actions:

  1. Using technology inappropriately

  2. Using technology when in debate (Not lobbying or Crisis)

  3. Verbal offense to another delegate, Student officer, teacher, or staff

  4. Disrupting debate. i.e. failing to come to order


Type B-Detention

The Student Officer assigns detention and may prompt the highschool office to call a parent after the first warning, if a second offense of Type A is carried out, or if an offense of Type B is carried out that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Disrespecting the authority of the Student Officer, or teacher

  2. Disrupting debate in a disrespectful manner to both delegates and Student Officers


Type C- Detention with Secretariat and School Advisor + Parent Notification

This type of offense may be appointed to the student upon the third violation of Type A, the second violation of Type B, or the immediate violation of Type C that includes and is not limited to:

  1. Destruction of School Property

  2. Bullying

  3. Lying

  4. Stealing

  5. Physical aggression to delegates, Student Officers, teachers or staff

  6. Substance abuse

  7. Possession of a weapon


Opportunity of Service

Opportunity for service is appointed to students who repeatedly violate the code of conduct, even after Type A, B, and C consequences have been assigned. At this stage, students will be required to perform service activities (that do NOT count for CAS or Panamanian diploma hours) for the remainder of the conference that include, but are not limited to, gardening, picking up trash, etc.


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