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Andrea Beltrán

Co-president of the General Assembly

Welcome to PANAMUN XXV: Closing Gaps! My name is Andrea Beltrán Ruiz, and I have the honor and privilege to be one of the Co-Presidents of the General Assembly for this year’s conference. I am from Caracas, Venezuela, but I have lived in Panama since I was nine years old. I am proud to call this country my second home. I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama, and have 16 years of age. Besides debating, I enjoy playing the guitar, travelling, and spending time with my family, friends, and my dog Lionel. I am a FC Barcelona fan, and enjoy playing volleyball.

My passion for debate emerged three years ago, when I was introduced to the world of MUN by PANAMUN XXII: Technology for the 21st Century. I was instantly mesmerized by the power of dialogue and diplomacy. Ever since, I have participated three times in PANAMUN, serving as both delegate and Student Officer. Each experience fulfilled a different part of my persona, and they all have shaped me into the individual I am today. Debate has helped me academically and socially, and it is a skill I know will help me for the rest of my life. I am extremely excited to see the outcome of the conference that is yet to come!

One of the elements I love the most about conferences like PANAMUN, is the fact that learning is never-ending. Delegates do not only learn about the country they have been assigned to and its position regarding the issue at table, but they also learn from their fellow delegates and committee Chairs. The exchange of opinions, cultures, and perspectives, becomes colloquial, and the environment screams youth and empowerment.

This year’s Secretariat, and myself, have worked incredibly hard in order to create a conference that exceeds all expectations. We have done this with enthusiasm, teamwork, professionalism, effort and –most importantly– passion and love. I hope we can transmit all of these qualities during the three-day journey we will undertake in October.


Good luck, and see you soon!

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