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Mark Rauschkolb

Co-president of the General Assembly

Hello! My name is Mark Rauschkolb, and I am currently a Senior at the International School of Panama. I have lived in Panama my whole life and have been deeply involved with PANAMUN and other conferences since the 8th grade. Apart from my love towards debating, I also enjoy playing golf, running, and reading.

In the 8th grade, I participated in the 21st edition of PANAMUN as a delegate. The experience was so gratifying I instantly enrolled in any future debate I could, and since then, debating has become a central part of my life. I have now debated in more than 10 conferences, including trips to NYMUN Global Classrooms (New York MUN) and Boston College’s EagleMUNC, have been a co-chair in Harvard’s HACIA democracy, and a chair twice in PANAMUN.

This year, I have the honor and privilege to be one of the Co-Presidents of the General Assembly for PANAMUN XXV. Hopefully, you all are as eager as I am in preparing for, and experiencing this conference! I have worked tirelessly alongside all committee chairs with the sole purpose of putting the best conference for all of you. Apart from different activities I enjoy in school, debating has allowed me to meet new people, and given me the ability, as well as courage, to speak my ideas. Debating has had this positive impact on me, both academically and personally, and it is my goal to transmit those experiences with you.  

I am excited to meet everybody this October, and even more so to see the collaboration, creativity, and ingenuity in the committee rooms. I eagerly await to see you in Panama!

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