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The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) was formed in 1945 and is today the UN’s largest subsidiary body out of its six principal organs. Comprised of 54 member states, ECOSOC’s goal is to achieve sustainable development in regard to social and economic issues through norms. ECOSOC achieves this through careful analysis, research, and formulation of collective policies that are later considered in the General Assembly. Issues in ECOSOC often deal with social development, population, statistics, technology, rights and environmental aspects. Because of this wide array of topics, ECOSOC works in conjunction with 14 other UN agencies to create solutions to the issues at hand. In this year’s ECOSOC we are going to focus on closing and maintain small gaps between people and nations. We are going to figure out ways for bettering each country’s and citizen’s economical state making the breach between on such countries smaller and more stable.


Combatting the Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drug Market.

Measures to diminish the socioeconomic and legal distinction between social classes in Latin America.

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