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Welcome to the PANAMUN XXV Conference, for which I would like to offer you the warmest and most cordial welcome. My name is Stephanie Boyd and I am a senior in the International School of Panama. I am honored and extremely excited to serve as your chair in the United Nations Security Council for this Conference. I was born in Panama City and have studied most of my life in the International School of Panama, but my experience with Model United Nations started in Middle School, when I participated in PANAMUN XXI as an eighth-grader representing Barbados in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. The following year, I had the opportunity to attend MUN NY to debate in the Third Committee of the General Assembly on Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs representing the delegation of Oman. Since then, my passion for debate has only increased and I have continued to participate in school debates. At the end of tenth grade, I had the opportunity to assist the Isaac Rabin Conference in the Crisis Committee, and to the National Dialogue Summit where I debated at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. While last year, I was a Co-Chair for the first time, and moderated the World Trade Organization in PANAMUN XXIV. In these past few years that I have debated, not only have I gained a great deal of skills that benefit my debating techniques and identifying global issues, but they have also helped me grow as a delegate with such experiences. And with this, I want to encourage you to feel the satisfaction of growing as delegates at the PANAMUN XXV Conference, by representing your countries with great enthusiasm to have an active and productive debate. I wish you lots of luck, and an excellent conference!

Stephanie Boyd

Hello everyone! My name is Enrique Harten, and it is a great honor to be one of the chairs for the Security Council (UNSC) in this edition of Panamun XXV. I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama, which I have been attending for the past five years. I was born in Lima, Peru but after a short period, I moved to Hamburg, Germany. From there on I have been in multiple countries such as Argentina, Brazil and now Panama. Having the pleasure to grow up in numerous nations showed me various political and cultural aspects of the world. My first PANAMUN experience was when I was in the 9th grade, where I had the opportunity to represent Jordan in the UNHCR Committee, from there on I started getting more involved in debating and MUN. I am also part of the Student Council and enjoy swimming, boxing, and mountain biking. PANAMUN is all about learning and getting out of your comfort zone, at first glance it might look intimidating; however, if well prepared and organized, there is nothing to be worried about. I am looking forward to making this upcoming conference a successful and interactive experience for everyone.

Enrique Harten

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